Tai Chi Training | Qigong Training | Instructors Training Course

Tai Chi Training | Qigong Training  | Instructors Training Course

Tai Chi Training | Qigong Training  | Instructors Training Course

Qualification: Tai Chi & Qigong Instructor (Level 1)

2015/2016 Professional Instructors Tai Chi & QiGong Training Course

Due to demand for places on our 2014/2015 Instructors Training Course we have decided to offer a second 2 Year Professional Training Course.We are now enrolling for the 2015/2016 Tai Chi & QiGong Instructors Training Course. Please ensure that you forward the deposit to reserve your place to avoid disappointment.


Tai Chi & Qi Gong 2 Year Professional Instructors Training Course 2015/2016 Advert

“I have completed my fourth weekend of Tai Chi & Qi Cong training and I am loving every aspect of the training. What is special about this training is that the learning is based on the practical and the healing benefits of Tai Chi/Qi Gong. We are tuned in straight away to feeling the healing energy, Gary and Neal are patiently showing us how the importance of each move done correctly allows the Chi to move through our bodies and assist healing. Since I have started the training it has certainly escalated my own spiritual growth and healing and my body is beginning to feel stronger. I am so looking forward to bringing this wonderful teaching to my community.”
Bernie OReilly (Instructors Course 2014/2015)

“I’m wow’d by the beautiful energy over the weekend at the Tai Chi instructors course. Weekend two, connecting and breathing from the Dantien through Zhan Zhuang Qigong, rotating the energy, opening the Kua. The giving and receiving of Yin/Yang harmony.
The body moves because the dantien rotates… how beautiful is that! and all from the inside out. Jing…Chi…Shen.
Many thanks Gary and Neal.”
Siobhán (Instructors Course 2014/2015)

“I’m a 43 yr old mum of 2 and I only have positive comments about the jade sun school 2year instructor course.  It’s more than I expected.  The sharing of knowledge and expertise is second to none. I feel lucky. Now it’s not without challenges on a personal level you have to go within and look at all aspects of the self, the good the bad and the ugly.  However the whole person approach that Gary and Neal bring can only bring about transformation on a personal and health level which is bringing balance into my life. It feels like a journey of the heart and the body.   The tai chi form that we are learning is beautiful and complete.”
Geraldine (Instructors Course 2014/2015)


Course Content: Qigong Training

These are based on various Qigong systems.
1. Fundamental Qigong form/Standing Qi Gong (open energy channels)
2. Qigong Breathing Systems (to ground, move and balance energy)
3. Walking Qigong Forms (to pump energy, move stagnation and strengthen deficiencies)
4. Moving Qigong Forms (to advance all of the above)
5. Tai Chi Ball Qigong
6. Sitting Meditation Qi Gong
7. Interior Scanning Qi Gong (Outer Layer & Inner Layer)
8. Letting go/Dissolving Qi Gong Healing
9. Celestial Qigong Form (introduces spiritual dimension of the human being leading to transformation of the Qi field)
10. Creative Energy Qigong (to strengthen creative Qi)
11. Eight Extraordinary Meridian Qigong (moving creative energy to transform the deeper routes of the Qi field)
12. Shaolin Da Mo Nei Jin Yi Zhi Chan (Spiritual Qigong – activates transformation of the central channel)
13. Explore the Spiritual, Energetic and Physical Dimensions of Qi Gong Practice

Tai Chi Training

These are based on traditional Yang Family Style principles.
• Tai Chi Circle/Clock
• Tai Chi Walking
• 24 step Tai Chi Form (Yang Family Tradition Short Form)
• Tai Chi form starting on the opposite side
• Explore the Tai Chi principles of:

- Yin and yang,
– Full and empty,
– Rising and sinking,
– Pulling and pushing

Body/Energy work practices (Linking Movements)

• Posture alignment
• Self-healing warm ups/Qigong warm ups
• Gentle stretching and massage techniques
• Single & Double Push Hands
• Single & Double Hand Silk Reeling

Explorations of relationships between all practices

Explore the relationship:
• between Tai Chi practice and meditation. (Training the Spirit).
• between Tai Chi form practice and Celestial Qi Gong
• between Eight Extraordinary Meridian Qi Gong and Celestial Qi Gong

Explore the deep healing effects of:

• Tai chi Form
• Qi Gong forms
• Tai Chi forms when connected to Celestial Qi Gong

Tai Chi and Qigong are integral to each other and although they are presented above separately in reality they are completely interwoven each assisting the development of each other.

As part of the training in Year 2 students must attend a 3 day course which is Module 2 of the Jade Sun School Syllabus. You can see more information about this at elysiumsanctuary.com. Please contact Gary directly if you wish to discuss this element of the course in more detail. The contents of Module 1 of the Jade Sun School Syllabus will be covered within Year 1 training so it is not necessary to take this module separately.

Training: There are a total of 50 training days and two days for exams over the two years. Each day we will start at 9:30 and finish at 5:30.
Year 1 consists of 11 weekends and a 3 day course (Jade Sun School Module 2).
Year 2 consists of 9 weekends, one 4 day intensive and a 5 day wrap-up (3 days of full training and 2 days of exams).


These are the provisional dates for Year 1 of the 2015/2016 Training Course. We always endeavour to ensure that the dates set are adhered to and as there are two instructors there is generally no need for dates to be adjusted.

Year 1


Weekend 1: Saturday 28th February & Sunday 1st March

Weekend 2: Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th April

Weekend 3: Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th May [With Gary Collins] – (Please note these dates have been amended from the initial advertised dates of 2nd & 3rd May)

Weekend 4: Saturday 6th May & Sunday 7th June [with Neal Traynor]

Weekend 5: Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th July [With Gary Collins]

Weekend 6: Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd August [with Neal Traynor]

Weekend 7: Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th September [With Gary Collins]

Weekend 8: Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th October [with Neal Traynor]

Weekend 9: Saturday 31st October & Sunday 1st November [With Gary Collins]

Weekend 10: Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th November [with Neal Traynor]


3 day Jade Sun School Module 2 Course: Friday 9th to Sunday 11th January

Weekend 11: Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st February [With Gary Collins]

Year 2

Year 2 dates will be set in June/July 2015

Payment Plans:

Instalment Plan Year 1 Costs:
€2,500 payable €200 per weekend, and €300 for the 3 day course.

Instalment Plan Year 2 Costs:
€2,600, payable €200 per weekend (x9), €400 for the 4 day intensive and €400 for the 5 day wrap-up, including exam fees of €50 per exam.
A deposit of €400 at the beginning of Year 1 secures a place on the course which is redeemable against the 5 day wrap-up.

One-Off Payment Plan
A one-off payment can be made at the start of Year 1 of €4,335 for Year 1 and 2. This gives a total reduction of 15% on the overall price.
Please use the below Pay Now button if you would like to pay the One-Off Payment. (For alternative payment options please contact Neal Traynor on 0879085684 or info@jadesuntaichi.com.)

Yearly Payment Plan
€2,250 at the start of Year 1 and €2,340 at the start of Year 2. This gives a total reduction of 10% on the overall price.
Please use the below Pay Now button if you would like to pay for Year 1. (For alternative payment options please contact Neal Traynor on 0879085684 or info@jadesuntaichi.com.)

Please use the below Pay Now button if you would like to pay for Year 2. (For alternative payment options please contact Neal Traynor on 0879085684 or info@jadesuntaichi.com.)


Gary Collins (Senior Instructor), Neal Traynor (Assistant Instructor)


Elysium Sanctuary, Rathnageeragh, Gusserane, Near New Ross, Co, Wexford.
Please contact Neal Traynor on 087 908 5684 or at info@jadesuntaichi.com for details on how to reserve your place.

Our 2014/2015 Tai Chi & QiGong Instructors Course Group Photo with Gary Collins (Senior Instructor; Back Row, Centre).

2014 Instructors Course Group Photo

2014 Instructors Course Group Photo




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