Here is an article about Tai Chi written by Gary Collins of the Jade Sun School of Tai Chi & Qi Gong published in the New Ross Standard (14/1/14). Let us know what you think or if you have any questions.

Tai Chi is an ancient form of mind/body exercise rooted in the unique Spiritual Philosophy of Taoism. This is best summed up by the famous YIN/YANG symbol which reflects harmony, balance and perfect relationship. Tai Chi is a practical application of this theory and is therefore a perfect ANTIDOTE to the negative effects of Modern life. The practice itself involves subtle postural alignments combined with mindfulness training. It promotes a return to deep natural breathing which improves the flow of Qi [energy] to the internal organs. The nervous system relaxes and releases stress, leading to a profound feeling of well-being.
The Tai Chi Form is a moving in and out of specific body positions in coordinated patterns. The movement is slow, precise and pumps energy around the body releasing blockages and strengthening weaknesses. So Tai Chi helps the QI energy to be abundant and moving so that we enjoy more HEALTH; HAPPINESS and have enough energy for life’s demands. It also has a Martial aspect and can at the advanced levels function as a self defence method. However even here the emphasis is subtle and has more to do with seeking harmony and neutralizing destructive energies, leading them back to peace and compassion.
Lastly Tai Chi benefits are well documented; conditions known to respond well include; fatigue, stress, anxiety, low mood, poor immunity, weak digestion, back/bone and muscle problems, menstrual dysfunction, blood pressure, arthritis etc. As an exercise form it suits all people regardless of age or gender.


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