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The Jade Way: Path of the Compassionate Heart – A Course in Self Healing and Spiritual DevelopmentJade Sun Logo (BirdSun)

Professional Instructor Training (Level 2) in the Taoist art of  QiGong


Self-healing through the self-cultivation practices of Meditation and ‘The Science of Relationship’™

We invite you to enhance your personal and spiritual development and healing through the practice of these Taoist Arts and to awaken to ‘The Jade Way: The Path of the Compassionate Heart’, learning to serve self and others and bring light and healing into your family and community.

Option to Certify as a Level 2 Qi Gong Instructor

We ask that you please read the full contents of the Course Prospectus prior to enrolling on this course (see PDF link below).

Full Syllabus Available here: Jade Way 2021 Prospectus

We ask that you please read the full contents of the Course Prospectus prior to enrolling on this course (see PDF link below).

I would highly recommend this course. It brought me healing on all levels spiritual physical emotional and mental and has helped become much more grounded and centred in my daily life. I could not recommend Gary and Neal highly enough as trainers. They bring great skill and deep compassion to the training. Thank you both.” ~ Ann Martin 

‘The Jade Way: Path of the Compassionate Heart’ is a training in self-healing and spiritual development. The course is a synthesis of Taoist and Toltec wisdom teachings about the way of energy. The Taoist tradition gives us the beautiful art of Qi Gong. Toltec wisdom gives us ‘The Art of Becoming’ through the teaching of ‘The Science of Relationship’.

This unique synthesis of these two profound energetic sciences gives us, on the one hand, a structured, coherent way to work with our energy and, on the other hand, a way to apply our experience of ourselves as energetic beings to the dynamic of everyday life i.e. the experience of relationship.

The reason for this synthesis is that, as we experience ourselves energetically and grow in this experience it becomes imperative for us to understand that we need to change the way we run our energy. As you become energetically stronger certain conditional cohesions in the energy body will need to be dissolved and released bringing more healing and growth. If, for example, a way of seeing the world is the cause of this cohesion we need to learn how to compassionately see that this way of seeing has to die for further growth to continue.

Here is the great power of the Toltec method whereby ‘The Science of Relationship’ teaching gives us the tools to deconstruct the old way of being and birth the new.

This approach makes the beautiful training we are offering intimately personal to each person who chooses to undertake the responsibility for their own journey to love and freedom, the birth-right of every human being.

The Taoist Perspective: The White Crane System of Qi Gong

We will explore the Taoist perspective in a way that empowers the individual to move directly into their own inner-heart knowing.

The approach to Qi Gong that you will be taught is called ‘The White Crane System of Qi Gong’. This method emphasis opening and moving the arms like wings in such a way that the focus of our awareness and feeling is heart-centred. It particularly awakens the energetics of our heart channel. It allows the person to gently learn to consciously feel their own energetic nature and, over time, penetrate into the compassionate inner heart self. This is a gentle, safe but powerful way to work with your qi (energy), enhancing healing and evolution at the same time.

This approach was bequeathed to humanity by the Buddhist Bodhisattva Guan Yin (the incarnation of compassion). This being is dedicated to lifting humanity out of suffering through the science of compassion. She helps us source the unadulterated compassionate essence of our own hearts. The specifics of the tools you will be taught can be seen in the syllabus.

The Toltec Perspective: The Science of Relationship

The Toltec way of the heart helps us achieve the above in a safe, self-timed and integrated way. The practice of ‘The Science of Relationship’ will help you know how to recapitulate and digest effectively the changes that come to you from the outside as a result of your inner work.  At the centre of this training is the awakening of our own inherent capacity for Heart-logic, which is an essential ability for the true individual to awaken and master ‘The Art of Becoming’.

This knowledge was bequeathed to humanity by the Toltec nagual Don Juan through the apprenticeship of his student, Gary Collins. Gary, through spiritual guidance, formulated this teaching into the spiritual science of relationship. The end result is a science of the heart that is applicable to every person.


There will be a total of 60 training days (30 weekends once a month for 2 and half years). For those who wish to take the Qi Gong Instructor Certification Examination there will be an additional two days for exams at the end of the course.



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