Level 1 White Crane Taoist Yoga & Qi Gong Instructors Training Course

Commencing 13th May, 2023

12 Weekends – once a month for 12 months

This Level 1 White Crane Taoist Yoga & Qi Gong Instructors Training Course is a foundation for the unfoldment of ‘The Jade Way: The Path of the Compassionate Heart’. It starts the facilitation for the student to accelerate their personal healing and evolution. This is achieved by working from the Level 1 of the human being’s experience of being an embodied being. What is meant by this; you will be taught the way of energy firstly through the grounded security and safety that comes from learning to work consciously and in a structured way with the body’s intelligence.

The beauty of this is that we ignite a conscious relationship with Mother Earth (nature) and revive the ancient wisdom of learning how to harmonize, cultivate, regulate, and ground our energetic being.

The consequences for healing are profound but also the foundation for conscious evolution is established giving a great basis for the heart and mind to open to the human being’s spirit nature.

All this will be achieved through the specific White Crane Qi Gong Method and Taoist Yoga openings that are described in the syllabus below. (Please see the section ‘The Taoist Perspective of the White Crane System’ in the attached PDF).

Lastly, within the course, the group’s experiences, according to individual consent, are shared and a gentle exploration of how to research the relationship between personal energetic cultivation and the application of it to relationship dynamics are engaged. This is the bridge to the evolutionary aspect of this practice and sets the seed for more advanced Level 2 work in the future for those who might wish to pursue that.

Help us bring these beautiful arts to humanity and join us if it’s your calling. If you have any specific questions, please contact the school’s Senior Instructor, Neal Traynor.

[Please note that individual coaching and apprenticeship programs are available to interested parties who cannot attend this course.]

Training: There will be a total of 24 training days totaling 168 hours training held over 1 weekend a month for 12 months. For those who wish to take the Level 1 Taoist Yoga Instructor Certification Examination there will be an additional day (or two depending on numbers) for exams at the end of the course.


Cost & Payment Plans

A deposit of €700 secures a place on the course

Course Cost: €3,600

Cost for Certified Instructors: €3,450

Cost for Associate Instructors: €3,240

Cost for Registered Instructors: €2,880


Payment can be made in our ‘Shop‘ or with

  • Cash
  • Cheques or,
  • Bank transfers to Account: The Jade Sun School of Tai Chi & Qi Gong | IBAN: IE29IPBS99062322997523 | BIC: IPBSIE2D

These fees are to be paid at a minimum rate of €300 per month. If payments are not maintained, or an arrangement is not explicitly made to address overdue fees, the school reserves the right to refuse admission.

NB: Please note that by enrolling for this course you are agreeing to pay the full amount whether you complete the course or not. The school cannot sustain the provision of courses where students fail to honour their financial commitments.

Family Member Offer: Where an immediate family member also wishes to attend the course the cost for the second person is €1,800.00.

Exam Fee: For those wishing to take the exam at the end of the course the Taoist Yoga & Qi Gong Level 1 Instructor Certification Examination Cost is €300

Please contact Neal Traynor with any queries you might have. Neal is available at info(at)jadesuntaichi.com or on 087 9085684


Please see full details of the course in this downloadable PDF: 2023 Jade Way Level 1 Taoist Yoga & Qi Gong Prospectus


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