Lorraine Dunleavy Registered Tai Chi Instructor April 2019

“I am so delighted to have trained as a Tai Chi instructor with the Jade Sun chool. I had previously enrolled in other types of Tai Chi classes, but always felt there was something missing so when I came across this type of Tai Chi I knew it was the one for me because of the way it made me feel.

Originally I only did it for myself because I loved the benefits.  As the course went on I knew that I would have to share Tai Chi so others could experience the benefits for themselves.”

Declan Carney

“The workshops hosted by Gary and Neal have given me the opportunity to truly tap into my heart energy, something I previously would not of thought possible. These practices are much more than a feel good class, they filter through into your everyday being and have effortlessly allowed me to break non serving habits and to live a life that’s true to myself. Gary and Neal have shown myself and countless others how to heal using your own energies, to create something within yourself that you can continue to build and expand on.”

Tai Chi testimonials

Laura Prunty, Instructors Course April 2016

“The Jade Sun School of Tai Chi and Qi Gong provides a very supportive learning environment that has helped me open and heal physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Gary and Neal are extremely patient and compassionate teachers who demonstrate true caring for every student. Nobody is left behind but yet we are all encouraged to deepen our engagement of the structures and techniques. This is done in a safe environment for all. Their detailed knowledge is offered in a way that connects the principles of tai chi and qi gong to our everyday lives and relationships which provides us with the opportunity to transform our suffering and develop the ability for self caring and love. I highly recommend this school for anybody interested in meeting their true selves through the art of tai chi and qi gong.”

Deirdre Souchere, Instructors Course 2016/2017

“I had been looking to add Qi Gong and Tai Chi to my personal practice and also to incorporate into my current Pilates & Yoga classes when one of my clients recommended the Jade Sun School of Qi Gong and Tai Chi. I am now almost 1 year into their teacher training course and find it brilliant. Both Neal and Garry are very gracious and clear in their instruction and the course material is very detailed and covered in great depth. I have started to have an even greater awareness of my body and mind and old patterns that have created blockages are starting to move and change. It is a welcome transformation and I look forward to passing on this invaluable healing tool to my clients in the future. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wishes to explore self healing on a multitude of layers or who wishes to teach this practice.”

Monica O’Loughlin, Student & Trainee InstructorTai Chi tesimonials 2

“I have benefited hugely in so many areas from my tai chi/ chi gong practice over the years it can be difficult to pinpoint all of them. However, when my twenty one month granddaughter came from Canada to spend christmas, it struck me as i lifted her up in my arms or bent down to play with her, that my level of flexibility and strength has so greatly increased over the last few years. Having had a history of back trouble , that had required physiotherapy and that generally left me in a degree of pain most of the time, I am really appreciative of this change. Thank you Gary and Neal for your meticulous , inspirational and always enjoyable teaching of tai chi/chi gong practices that has brought a new level of ease and strength to my body. I’ve been attending tai chi classes with Neal and Gary for a few years and have been attending the teacher instructors course for the last year.”

Trisha Geaney, Student (May 2017)

“I enrolled in the TaiChi class run by Neal in Knocklyon last October simply because someone said Tai Chi was “nice” particularly for older folk like myself!! From the start Neal was an amazing, calm, encouraging teacher. Apart from teaching us the “moves” so to speak he taught us why we were doing them and gradually I became aware of my inner self and how “chi” works. The combination of Tai Chi and Qigong was a real revelation to me and is making a real difference to my life. It’s not often I have come across a teacher as inspired as Neal who is passionate about what he does and yet modest at the same time. My sincere thanks to him.”

Sharon, Student, Bray, Co. Wicklow.

“Neal, had to tell you, woke up one morning this week and the tension in the finger in my right hand was nearly completely gone. This was the hand that i went to a consultant to have checked and they told me my muscles were just like that and would have to live with it. I think it’s because of the reduction in tension in my shoulders and arms from the qi gong exercises. My hands feel different sort of loose and free and haven’t had that for ages. It’s amazing. my hands are so important to me. Thank You.”

Ann Martin, Instructor, Wicklow.

“I have been learning Tai Chi and QI Gong under the tutelage of Gary Collins and Neal Traynor for the past couple of years. Tai Chi does not come naturally to me and it would be true to say that I am a slow learner in this area.  I have found Gary and Neal to be very patient and skilled teachers and they have greatly facilitated me in my learning.  At this point I am now much more comfortable in the form and have begun to practice it at home on a daily basis. Gary and Neal teach both practices from a healing perspective. Taught in this way it is a beautiful practice and has helped me to engage my body in a much more compassionate way.
Any difficulties that I encounter within the practice are always pointing me very accurately towards areas I need to heal on the physical, emotional or spiritual level.  I find it to be very powerful tool in self healing. Heartfelt thanks to you both for your help,”

“I was born with the worst flat feet ever. I was brought to specialists etc. when young, nothing to cure, just prescribed exercises which made no difference. I ruined the shape of every shoe I put on and was a bit knock-kneed with it also. Suddenly, 63 years later – today I walked across red tiles in wet bare feet and on way back saw foot prints on the tiles and was thinking they’re definitely not mine but whose ever they are they have perfect arches. Then I realised I was the only one at the pool so I looked down and made new prints – they were perfect – I couldn’t believe my eyes. Then I looked at my perfect feet!!!! What a difference that will make to all my joints. Thank you so much for all your help with Tai chi and Qi Gong. Very much appreciated.” (September 2014.)

tai chi testimonials 3Siobhán Casey, Instructor, Dublin.

“On a number of occasions in the past I joined a Tai Chi class only to find that frustratingly it was no more than a physical exercise class. However from the first day in the Jade Sun School of Tai Chi I realised that  Gary and Neal’s focus was on the energetics of the body and its movement towards healing. It has been and continues to be an exciting journey of discovery. I’ve attended Gary’s Qigong workshop which I found to be very powerful, particularly in the fine tuning of the body’s posture and the gathering and circulating of  energy.Through Tai Chi and Qigong I’ve developed an understanding of my body’s energy with an increasing awareness of where the energy is blocked.  I find Tai Chi to be grounding, energising and de-stressing while increasing my ability to stay centred in any situation. Gary and Neal’s skill insight and dedication never cease to inspire me.
I am very grateful.”

Gerry, Student, Dublin 6

“Neal and Gary teach Tai Chi in a way that is easy to understand because they relate it to its martial origins while focussing on its health-supportive and relaxing side. I have found it very enjoyable and beneficial over several years and I appreciate the commitment of Neal and Gary to helping others benefit from Tai Chi/Qi Gong.”

Larry O’Loughlin, Student, Dublin.

“I have studied with Gary and Neal for two years, and it has been a wonderful experience to work with teachers who understand that the true art of teaching is not in putting something “in” but in drawing “out” what is already there.
Their understanding and patience have not only seen me progress (despite my pre-existing myriad of back and shoulder problems) at something I love, but also to regain a certain ease of movement.
And I have no hesitation in endorsing them or their approach.”

Roisin (Instructors Course 2014/2015)

“Thank you Neal and Gary. What a transformative year it has been on so many levels. It’s an honour and a blessing working with you guys and the group as a whole.”

Siobhán Casey (Instructors Course 2014/2015)

“I’m wow’d by the beautiful energy over the weekend at the Tai Chi instructors course. Weekend two, connecting and breathing from the Dantien through Zhan Zhuang Qigong, rotating the energy, opening the Kua. The giving and receiving of Yin/Yang harmony.
The body moves because the dantien rotates… how beautiful is that! and all from the inside out. Jing…Chi…Shen.
Many thanks Gary and Neal.”
“Weekend 8 and we’re working on opening and activating the meridians using Crane Qigong fine-tuning alingment and putting this awareness into our form practice.
What was brought home to me very clearly was how this internal dimension brings awareness to areas of trapped/stagnant energy that is holding my emotional history and invites me to enter into the healing process, seamlessly, with unwavering compassion and grace. It was a very powerful heart opening experience.Many thanks Gary and Neal.”

Sinead (Instructors Course 2014/2015)

“Highly recommend this course. The course is excellent – professional and meticulous teaching. I have found Tai Chi helpful to clear the mind, relax and energise the body. I love it.”

Laurence Reddin. (Instructors Course 2014/2015 – October 7th, 2014.)

I have been attending the course for the last 6 months and it has been excellent. Having practised Tai Chi a little before, I was surprised to find how powerful it has been in terms of improving physical health as well as energy levels on a day to day basis.

What has really made the course unique for me is that the Tai Chi is being taught in such a human and compassionate way. I feel it has provided a wonderful platform to help me to heal on a deep level. This is always done in such a safe and sacred way and it is testament to the integrity of Gary and Neal, the course instructors.

The course is set up in a way that is so relevant to us meeting the challenges we are all facing. It has also been structured and is being taught in a way that has helped me to feel a level of gratitude and joy in my own life that I had not yet experienced before. The proof of this for me has been not only the experiences during the course weekends, which have been profound, but my experiences in my everyday life and how I have responded to them. Challenges that would have gotten the better of me only a few months ago, I’ve been able to, on occasions, respond to in a different way that has allowed me to maintain my internal integrity as much as I can. Even in the small things, to do this has been really great.

There is a direct correlation between the instances where I have met challenges and maintained my internal integrity and the training at Elysium where we have worked at aligning our physical/structural integrity through Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

I am using the words maintain my internal integrity to describe as best I can the experience of actually connecting with the centre of my being in everyday life, to the small extent I have managed. This has had the effect of allowing me to feel within myself our most human gifts such as compassion, humility, courage and love.

The Jade Sun School of Tai Chi alongside my own efforts have facilitated these experiences. I am very grateful to Gary and Neal for creating this course which I have found to be, in addition to all I have said, a lot of fun and really enjoyable too!

I wholeheartedly recommend the Jade Sun School of Tai Chi and Qi Gong.”

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