Meditation Classes and Courses

Meditation QuoteMeditation is an integral part of the Daoist Arts. We provide classes, both private and to groups, as well as specific Meditation Programs.

Gary Collins is available for private classes in Wexford at Elysium Sanctuary and in Dublin at Elysium Sanctuary Sandycove. Gary can be contacted on 087 2287708.

Neal Traynor is available for private classes in Dublin at Elysium Sanctuary Sandycove. Neal can be contacted on 087 9085684.

Please contact Neal to arrange an Introduction to Meditation or a full course for a Group or Organisation.

Care For The Self*: A Jade Sun School Meditation-Healing Course

This Jade Sun School Trademarked Course is offered over 10 Weeks at 90 minutes per class or over 2 days.

Care for the Body

You will learn

  • Posture
  • Alignment
  • Lower Abdominal Breathing

This knowledge enhances the body’s functions and leads to a releasing of stressed energies and fatigue.

  • Deeper Breathing Methods

These further harmonise and ground the energy system of the body.

Connecting Awareness, Feeling and Breath

Creating a Field of Mindfulness

You will learn

  • How to release deeper stressed energies in the mind and body

Targeted Awareness

You will learn

  • How to identify where specific tensions are being held and how to release them

Building Strength & Energy

You will learn

  • How to Build Strength & Energy Through Meditation via a Mind-Heart Engagement of the Body’s Energy System

Applied Mind-Body Wisdom

You will learn

  • The gentle application of your Mind-Body ability to releasing anxiety and enhancing focus and concentration

The Reality of the Here & Now

You will learn

  • How to use the experience of the here & now to take ownership of your life

The Healing Power of the Deeper Self: from Mindfulness to Heartfulness

You will

  • Explore the Healing Power of the Deeper Self and its Expression in your life
  • Reclaim your personal power to heal
  • Reclaim the power of your emotional being and your feeling nature


Upon completion of the ‘Care for the Self’ Meditation program a Group of people can choose to attend Continuing Group Meditations.

Individuals may be interested in deepening their exploration of Meditation and the exploration of the Self with our parent School the Jade Sun School.

*Carr for the Self is a Jade Sun School Trademarked Course.

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