Tai Chi, Qigong, and Taoist Yoga ClassesWhat Is QiGong?

QiGong* is a modern term for ancient Chinese Taoist exercises “Dao Yin”. These range from sitting, lying, standing to walking, moving, and dancing forms. Dao Yin/QiGong can trace its origins all the way back to prehistoric times. The term itself literally means Energy Work. That is learning to work with ones’ own energy, and also with the relationship of ones’ own energy to others and the environment.
QiGong methods have for thousands of years been influenced by the needs and interests of specific time periods. For example, in 500AD the Indian Monk BODHIDHARMA [TA MO] came to China. He brought Indian Buddhist and Vedic knowledge with him which undoubtedly influenced the indigenous Dao Yin forms of practice. All subsequent Qi Gong styles were, as a result, revolutionised by his input. So we can see QiGong is an evolving art. In China, you can come across many styles like; Buddhist QiGong, Martial QiGong, Taoist QiGong, Medical QiGong, Scholarly QiGong, and so on.

What QiGong Does

Despite the above observations, the fundamentals of QiGong theory and practice are the same for all these forms. Simply put, this means the application of these fundamentals lead to;

1) Correction and alignment of posture to open the energy gates and get the Qi (energy) to flow

2) The regulation and naturalization of the breathing process to ground and harmonize the Qi flow

3) The centering of and working with ones’ awareness to correct disharmonies in the QI Energy Field.
These are the keys to achieving the tremendous health benefits and personal growth experiences that proper QiGong tuition is renowned for.

To more fully grasp QiGong one must explore the Taoist theory of Yin/Yang and also its central teaching of the existence of Qi, that is, the life energy that flows through everybody and everything. QiGong, by balancing Yin/Yang releases blocked or diseased energy, and strengthens weak energy. The theory of Yin/Yang refers to the Taoist declaration that a system of interdependent yet complimentary opposites hold the universe together, for example, Male/Female, Hot/Cold, Heaven/Earth, In/Out, Exhale/Inhale, and so on.

On a deeper level, QiGongs’ advanced alchemical internal practices allow us to dissolve old destructive energy, or Qi forms, turning them back into their original Qi forms of humility, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, and love. These practices accelerate the evolution of the soul because they involve a return of ones’ energetic being to its original pristine Qi form. None of this is achievable without;

A) Disciplined intent and a desire for freedom combined with a sincere willingness to surrender to the TRUTH

B) The guidance from a Teacher who has treaded, or is treading, the same path.

How QiGong Works

Here are some of the CORE postural QiGong techniques we teach at our school which improve physiological function and, as mentioned, open the energy gates of the practitioner;

1) Raising the Spirit; this lengthens and aligns the spine, opens the energy of the central channel, enhances QI flow to the whole body, and lastly connects the Qi field to heavens energy.

2) Relaxing and opening the elbow, shoulder, and wrist; this opens the bilateral energy channels of the body, and also grounds the Qi field to the Earth

3) Softening the breast bone; this opens the Qi flow of the Heart where the original Spirit/Tao resides. This allows the Heaven and Earth Qi to come together at the most important energy centre of QiGong, the Dan Tien (also called the ‘Sea of Qi’), residing below the navel area.

4) The above methods awaken ‘Natural Breathing’ (true deep breathing) at the Dan Tien; which in turn harmonizes, grounds, and strengthens the body’s Qi flow plus ones’ internal sense of self.

Benefits of QiGong

QiGong releases stress from the Nervous system, enhances the function of the Endocrine system promoting vitality and boosting immunity. It increases the nerve and blood supply to the internal organs and all body tissues. It improves oxygenation of the blood and therefore the efficiency of cellular functions, including the release of toxic waste material. It has been proven that by linking the practitioner to the earths Qi field QiGong protects us from artificial electromagnetic fields. Lastly Psychological and emotional immunity get more robust; a very necessary ability in this increasingly stressful world.

Here are some of the conditions that respond well to Qi gong; poor circulation, fatigue, digestion, mood swings, depression, poor memory, immunity, menstrual problems, back and neck bone issues, tension, anxiety, asthma, blood pressure, arthritis, stiffness, flexibility.

Tai Chi and QiGong

These beautiful teachings and methods were gifted to Humanity by Spiritually awakened seers, and are amongst the most powerful tools available to the Modern person in their search for SELF and TRUTH. An added advantage of the Taoist approach is that it simply offers practical methods for self-research; meaning no beliefs are necessary, nor is having a belief system a problem. Thus the Taoist systems of Tai Chi and QiGong are perfect for Modern Humans who wants to know for themselves.

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*QiGong, like Tai Chi, is two words and should correctly be written as Qi Gong (or Qi gong), however the standard way of writing Qi Gong on the internet is ‘QiGong’. This is why you will see us using both variations.


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